At James & Co Accountants in Boston, Lincolnshire, we offer all accountancy solutions tailored to your needs.

We will prepare your annual accounts that will form the basis of your self assessment Income Tax Return from your books, bank statements and supporting records. This applies to sole traders, partnerships and limited companies – small or large.

The accounts will also be invaluable, not only to you, but also to your bank and other financial institutions, for example mortgage applications and proposed bank loans. We will endeavour to advise you on ways to strengthen your record keeping which, in turn, will assist you in meeting your statutory obligations and monitoring your financial affairs.

If you find book work etc. a hassle - and most people do - let us help and take away the concern and stress that this causes many businesses.

Tax Returns

Most people dread the day in April each year when their Income Tax Return drops through the letterbox. We will complete your income tax return for you, whether it be simple or complex. We have wide ranging experience in this area and have top of the range computer software for this facility.

We will give you guidance on areas in which we think you could save tax and will inform you regularly of your tax payable, if any, well in advance of the deadline date for payment.

We will liase with the Inland Revenue on your behalf and ensure that you are left to run your business with the minimum of hassle.

We complete Income Tax Returns for non-businesses too, such as retired people, pensioners and anyone who is an employee who thinks their tax may be wrong for any number of reasons.

UK Corporation Tax

Corporation Tax is payable by companies on their taxable profits and gains.
We will calculate Corporation Tax payable and prepare Company Tax Returns for you and lodge these with the Inland Revenue.

We can advise you on the advantages and disadvantages of operating as a company, including all Companies House requirements and deadlines. We will deal with Companies House forms for you, if that is your wish.

UK Capital Gains Tax

If you are a small business owner or individual considering selling an asset or your business, we can advise on any reliefs that may be available and of the potential Capital Gains Tax liability that may arise.

In addition, we may be able to recommend more beneficial ways of planning your affairs to reduce any future possible tax liabilities.

Limited Company Secretariat

Ooops there should be a picture here, sorryIt's often a good strategic move for a small business to establish itself as a limited company. We can help put this in place and deal with the administration of the company. Operating as a limited company often gives suppliers and customers a safe sense of confidence in a business. Find out more when you contact us

Business Start Up

Ooops there should be a picture here, sorryIn the current economic conditions, if you conduct your new business in the right way it really could thrive. James & Co Accountants in Boston, Lincolnshire will look at the key facts to help you start up successfully. Make no mistake, a well thought out business plan will ultimately provide you with the best chance of success. Find out how to get in touch.

Accountancy and Tax 

Ooops there should be a picture here, sorryYou'll be surprised how quickly we build a rapport with you and an affinity with your personal or business' accounts. To book our services or for more info contact us.

  • Preparation of management accounts
  • Year end accounts for Companies, Individuals, Charities and Clubs
  • Self assessment return
  • Corporate tax return
  • Employee benefit tax including benefits in kind
  • Company law taxation including IR35 compliance advice

Tax Planning - Save Time, Pay Less tax, Gain Profit 

Ooops there should be a picture here, sorryWe provide a fresh approach to tax, that means we'll take charge of your tax and plan ahead. Paying less tax really could be reality if you choose forward thinking James & Co Accountants in Boston,  for your Tax Planning - get in touch.

  • Tax planning for Companies, Individuals, Partnerships, Charities, Clubs
  • Capital gains tax planning
  • Retirement planning

Book Keeping

The main reasons for keeping accurate and well maintained records of your income and expenditure are:

  • To discharge your statutory obligations to the Inland Revenue and Customs & Excise.
  • To control your finances and help you manage your business.
  • To enable us to produce your annual accounts more efficiently resulting in an overall saving in our fees - remember, we sell time and the longer it takes us to sort your books out, the higher our bill to you will be.

If book keeping is not your forte, we can provide an accurate and comprehensive service tailored to suit your business and relieve you of this unwanted chore.


If you are registered for VAT, we can complete your VAT Returns from your own records or we can provide a book keeping service to enable this to be done.

If you are not registered for VAT, but are approaching the point where you should be, we will complete the VAT registration form for you and advise you of any special schemes available to minimise your liability.

You should be registered for VAT if your sales or service are not exempt, and your turnover exceeds the statutory registration limit. You can register voluntarily if your business sales are totally or largely zero-rated. It is vital that you register at the correct time - we can help you determine if you should be registered or not.

We can also help you with Cash Accounting Scheme, Flat Rate Schemes, Annual Accounting and special schemes for retailers.

If you need help with any VAT issues or wish us to complete your Returns, please get in touch.

Call us now on 01205 875576 or 07894 036828 fill out our contact form - we look forward to hearing from you.